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Multi Account Functions in cPanel

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Capabilities for Multiple Accounts in cPanel

cPanel is perhaps the most widely used management panel worldwide, which allows us to easily manage our websites and settings through a user-friendly interface. In a web hosting business, there are instances where we need to modify multiple hosting accounts or update IP addresses for several accounts. The Multi Account functionalities in cPanel can be very useful in such situations. With the Modify/Upgrade Multiple accounts interface in WHM, we can make modifications on multiple cPanel accounts simultaneously. Additionally, the Change Multiple Websites IP address interface helps redirect multiple accounts to a different IP address.

Let’s discuss the steps on how to utilize these tools in cPanel/WHM.

1) Log in to the WHM interface and then select the “Multi Account Capabilities” icon on the Home page.

Multiaccount Functions


2) To modify multiple hosting accounts, select the ‘Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts’ icon. To change the IP address for multiple hosting accounts, choose the ‘Change Multiple Websites IP Address’ icon on the interface.

Multiaccount Functions


Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts Interface:

In this interface, you can select multiple accounts by checking the box next to the domains, and then choose the details from the dropdown list such as Reseller name, theme, date, Locale/Language, and package. Once the values are selected accordingly, click on the ‘Change’ button to make the modifications.

Multi Account


Change Multiple Websites IP Address Interface:

Through this interface, we can update the IP address for multiple accounts by checking the box next to the hosting domain name and then clicking the ‘Change IPs of Selected Accounts’ button.

Multiaccount Functions

In the new interface, select the new IP address from the dropdown list and click on the ‘Change IPs’ button to make the modifications.

Since this involves updating IP addresses, please allow up to 24 hours for complete DNS propagation over the Internet.


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