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How to Disable eximstats_spam_check Notifications

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The eximstats_spam_check is a cPanel offered script, which scans the eximstats database and counts the variety of emails that each area on the server has despatched within the earlier hour. If a website has exceeded a preconfigured threshold of 500 distinctive outbound emails, the system will log an alert. The alerts seem like ‘[eximstats_spam_check] The system has detected an unusually great amount of outbound electronic mail. ‘. The alert is distributed to the default electronic mail inside WHM.  We will disable this alert from WHM.

The steps to disable eximstats_spam_check are listed under.

1) Login to WHM

2) Navigate to Server contacts >> Contact Supervisor.

Disable Exim Notification

3) Then choose the “Notification” menu from the displayed web page.

Disable Exim Notification

4) Test the “Giant Quantity of Outbound Electronic mail Detected” choice and alter to “Disable” choice within the drop-down menu.

Disable Exim Notification

Typically Eximstats consuming excessive sources, as a result of the eximstats database tends to develop enormously you probably have excessive mail visitors. So we are able to fully disable Eximstats from WHM in case you don’t require. To disable the Eximstats from WHM, please comply with the under steps.

1)login to WHM.

2) Navigate to Service Configuration >> Service Supervisor.


3) Uncheck the “Eximstats” choice beneath the “TailWatch Drivers”.

Disable Exim Notification

In the event you want any additional assist, please do attain our assist division.

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