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Fix : check_mysql Has Determined That There Are Corrupted Database Tables (eximstats)

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to fix the issue of check_mysql identifying corrupted database tables (eximstats)


“check_mysql has determined that there are corrupted database tables

cPanel & WHM has found the following corrupt database tables:

Database Error

eximstats error: Record at pos: 26819502 is not remove-marked

error: record delete-link-chain corrupted

error: Corrupt

error: record delete-link-chain corrupted

error: Corrupt”

If you encounter such warning messages from cPanel, specifically related to “eximstats,” you can fix the database/table.


1) Log in to WHM.

2) Go to Home >> SQL Services.

Database Error

3) Click on the “Repair a MySQL Database” icon.

Database Error

4) Select the database “eximstats” from the database list.

Corrupted Database

5) Click the “Repair Database” button.

Database Error

You can also resolve this issue from the backend.

1) SSH into your server.

2) Execute the following command to repair the database.

 # mysqlcheck -r eximstats

To repair all databases.

# mysqlcheck -r -A

3) Restart the MySQL service.

# Service mysql restart

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support department.

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