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How to Copy Locales in cPanel and WHM?

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The locale system localizes textual content in Perl, Template Toolkit, or JavaScript code. Localization refers to the translation of textual content in one language into several other languages to make a product usable globally. Each locale has a lexicon hash, which contains keys and values in bracket notation. Each value is the translated version of the key (or, for the default English locale ( en ), values are specifically empty). Duplicating a Locale interface in WHM allows you to replicate a locale into a standard locale or a non-standard locale.

1) Sign in to your WHM.

2) Select the “Locales” option.

Copy Locales

3) Choose the “Duplicate a Locale” option under the “Locales” section.

Copy Locales

4) To duplicate a locale into a “Standard Locale,” select the original locale from the “Replicate Locale” menu.

Copy Locales

5) Click on the “Standard locale” radio button.

Copy Locales

6) Select a locale from the “Standard locale” menu.

Copy Locales

7) Click the “Duplicate” button. The system will redirect you to a new interface.

Copy Locales

8) From the new page, click “Click here to download” to download the duplicate in XML format, or click “add it here” to edit the copy’s XML.

9) If you’re choosing the non-standard locale, then select the “Non standard locale” option after selecting the original locale from the “Replicate Locale” menu.

Copy Locales

10) Enter a name for the copy, prefixed with the i_ tag, in the appropriate boxes. It’s the standard way to create, identify, and work with a non-standard locale.

11) Select the options from the Fallback Locale, Number Formatting, and Character Orientation menus.

Copy Locales

12) Follow the steps mentioned in steps 7 & 8.

Now you have successfully duplicated a locale from your WHM.

If you need any further assistance, please reach out to our support department.

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