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Administering WebsitePanel for SQL Server 2012 Database Management

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In contrast to other hosting control panels, WebsitePanel not only allows you to create Microsoft SQL Server 2012 databases but also provides the capability to backup and restore databases.

Creating Databases

  1. Log in to WebsitePanel.
  2. Choose “Databases | SQL Server 2012.”
  3. Click “Create Database.”
    Figure 1
  4. Provide a name for your database and click the “Save” button.
    Figure 2
  5. Choose “Create User.”
  6. Provide a username, password, and associate it with the database by selecting the database name from the “Default Database” dropdown. Also, select the checkbox next to the database name.
    Figure 3

Now, you can use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express from your computer to access and manage the database remotely using either the IP address or hostname. You will get the necessary information when you select the relevant database name as shown below:
Figure 4

To take a backup of your database, select your database name and click on the Maintenance Tools panel.
Figure 5
Choose the “Backup” button, provide a backup filename, and click the “Backup” button. Alternatively, you can either download the backup or save it on the server where your website is hosted.
Figure 6

You can easily restore a SQL Server backup by selecting the “Restore” button. You can either upload a backup file by selecting the “Browse” button or locate the backup from the server.
Figure 7

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