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How to Set Permalinks in WordPress

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In this guide, we will discover how to establish permanent links in WordPress.

1) Log in to the WordPress administrative panel.

2) Navigate to the ‘Settings’ section.

Permanent Links

3) Select the option ‘Permanent Links’.

Permanent Links

4) Choose the permanent link structure.

Plain: This is the “unattractive” permanent link setting.

Date and title: This utilizes a year/month/date format followed by your post’s title. The title here refers to the slug of your post.

Month and title: This is the same as option two, but without the day information.

Numeric: This option simply uses the ID of the post from the row in the wp_posts table of your database.

Post title: This one uses the title of your post.

Custom Structure: This final field allows you to define your own structure using the complete set of structure tags available in WordPress.

Permanent Links

5) Click on the button ‘Save Changes’.

Permanent Links

That is how we can establish permanent links in WordPress.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support department.

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