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Mass Mail Setup and Configuration in OpenCart

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E-mail marketing is important. Especially if you are running an eCommerce store. You can allow users to opt-in to get Newsletters for discounts and offers. And, when you are ready to launch a new offer, sending E-mails to those subscribers can make a huge difference in sales and promotions. E-mail marketing is very effective if done properly. However, how to write an awesome E-mail is a totally different topic. The responsibility of an eCommerce platform is to provide a method to send E-mails to all those regular and potential customers.

OpenCart provides a simple and effective way to send mass E-mails to your subscribers. You can also select different segments like Affiliates, Customer groups, Specific Affiliates and much more. You can send mass E-mails to any segment directly from the admin panel of your store.

Set up Mass Mail in OpenCart

To send mass emails, log in to the admin panel of your store and click on the Marketing -> Mail option from the left sidebar.

Set Up Mass Email In Opencart

It will directly lead you to the form containing all the fields to set up your email marketing campaign. On this page, you can set the segment, subject and the main body of the E-mail. Here are the options you can select from the “To” drop-down menu.

  • All Newsletter subscribers
  • All customers
  • Customer group -> (You can then select a specific customer group)
  • Customers -> (You can then add customers you want to add to the mailing list)
  • All Affiliates
  • Affiliates -> (You can then add affiliates you want to add to the mailing list)
  • Products -> (This option will add people who ordered those products to the mailing list)

Here is how the form looks like with the customer group segment. To send the E-mail campaign, click on the Save button given on the top-right corner of the page.

Set Up Mass Email In Opencart

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