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Using Scheduled Tasks in DotNetPanel to Trigger the Execution of a URL

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This text will guide you through the process of adding a scheduled task in DotNetPanel to execute a URL at a specific time or at specified intervals. The URL can be a full website address pointing to any web page.

Step 1:

  • Log in to your control panel.
  • Click on “Scheduled Tasks.”
Image 1

Step 2:

  • This will open the Scheduled Tasks page.
  • Here, click on “Add Scheduled Task.”
Image 2

Step 3:

  • Now you are on the Scheduled Task Properties page where you can make configurations.
  • Provide a name for your task.
  • Select “Check Web Site Availability” from the dropdown menu of “Task Type.”
  • After changing the “Task Type,” the page will refresh and update other input fields.
Image 3

Step 4:

  • Enter the complete URL of your file in the following format:
  • http://www.yourdomain.com/myfile.aspx
  • The file or page can be uploaded or modified later.
  • Files that can be browsed with a browser (e.g., html, asp, aspx, php) can be used here with their COMPLETE URL. For example, if your domain is abc.com and your file (myfile.aspx) is located under wwwroot/myschedule, the COMPLETE URL for this file would be:
  • http://www.abc.com/myschedule/myfile.aspx
  • Finally, specify a scheduled time to execute this URL. You can execute the URL on any of the following bases:
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Once (Single-time execution)
  • Interval basis (Hour / Minute)
Image 4
  • Choose the desired execution interval and provide an execution time. Then click the “Save” button. Your scheduled task is now set to execute according to the provided schedule.

Note: There are a few other inputs on this configuration page, but they are not related to our requirement.

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