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How to Change Footer Text in WordPress?

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This tutorial will demonstrate the various techniques you can employ to modify the footer content in WordPress

1) Sign in to your WordPress Admin Panel.

2) Navigate to the ‘Appearance’ option from the menu bar.

Change Footer Text


3) Choose the ‘Editor’ option within the ‘Appearance’ section.

Change Footer Text


4) Access the ‘Footer’ option located on the right-hand side of the page to edit the footer.php file.

Change Footer Text


5) Discover the code responsible for displaying the footer text at the bottom.

Change Footer Text


6)  Disable the code for the default footer text and insert your preferred footer text. In this case, I will include the following code in the footer.

<p>Copyright © 2012, My Personal website </p>

Change Footer Text


7) Select the ‘Update’ option to save your modifications.

Change Footer Text


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