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How to Reset cPanel Password of an Account from WHM?

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What is the method for resetting the cPanel Password of an Account from WHM?

The cPanel application is used in conjunction with the WebHost Supervisor (WHM). WHM provides administrative management for your dedicated server or VPS. You can utilize WHM to generate individual accounts and add domains to your server. Each account established through WHM includes a website title and a corresponding username and password. Access to the cPanel interface can be obtained via the following link: https://yourdomain:2083. In this tutorial, we will explore the process of resetting the cPanel password through WHM.

1) First, log in to your server’s WHM via the link https://yourIPaddress:2087 or https://serverhostname:2087.

2) Go to Account info >> List accounts and select record accounts.

Reset Cpanel Password


3) Within the list of accounts, locate the desired account on the left-hand side and click on the expand option next to it.

Reset Cpanel Password


4) At this point, WHM will present a change password option as depicted below.

Reset Cpanel Password


Finally, enter the new password in the provided field and click on the change button. This will update the password for the specified account. With this, we have successfully learned the process of changing the password for a cPanel account via WHM.


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