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Manage Exim Mail Queue in WHM

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Exim is a mail transfer agent and free software used in the UNIX- like operating system. Exim is used to control email delivery in our server because of the mail queue management option is enabled in the server. We can use Exim directly via command line also.

Mail Queue Manager in WHM

Now we are checking how to use the mail queue manager in WHM.

1) Log into WHM.

2) In the top left Find box, type in Email, then click on Mail Queue Manager.

Exim Queue

3) Type the username in the search box. Enter the details and click on “Run Report”.

Exim Queue

4) Now we can see that the message to the user are Frozen. Frozen means while the user trying to send messages, exim has detected an error, and this message is going to hold and try again later. To view the message in new window we need to click on the magnifying glass.

Exim Queue

5) We can see that the error for the messages is not delivering to user and is getting back to us by the mail server.

6) We can see “Delete Message” icon at the top of the message, if we choose this will completely remove the message from the mail queue. Also we can see “Deliver Message Now” icon. It will take an attempt to send the message again. To send the message successfully the user has to free some space on their email account.

Exim Queue

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