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File Restoration in cPanel v68

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Finally, after a long wait, there is now an option in the cPanel “FILES” section to recover individual files using the new “File Restoration” feature. This feature was introduced in the latest version, v68, of cPanel. Let’s take a look at how it works.


How does it work?

When WHM backup is configured, an account backup is generated every night. During the backup process, a file list is created and stored in the backup folder for each account. These file lists are used by the file restoration interfaces to easily and quickly view the available files for restoration.

Firstly, ensure that your server has the latest version of cPanel. You can check the cPanel version by using the following command:

cat /usr/local/cpanel/version

If it is not the latest version, you can upgrade to the latest version by running the following command:


Now, follow the steps below to restore individual files through cPanel.



Before you can restore from an account backup, you must have backups already created. If you do not have any backups available, you need to configure a backup in WHM.

Please refer to this link to configure backup in WHM: https://webhostingpeople.in/ideas/kb/whm-backup-configuration-explained/

If you are using shared hosting, please contact support to ensure that you have access to the available backup.


Restoring files:

1. Login to your cPanel account and navigate to the “File Restoration” section.

2. You will see a window similar to the one below if you have an available backup. To restore the public_html folder, click on the “public_html” folder.

3. Choose the file you want to restore. In this example, I will be restoring the file named “hanshotfirst.txt”.

4. Select the file you wish to restore.

5. You will then see the screen below, where you can select the date you want to restore and click on “Restore This Version”.

6. Check the checkbox and click on “Restore” to proceed.

7. Finally, you will receive a message stating that the file has been successfully restored.

We hope that cPanel will expand this restoration feature to include the ability to restore entire folders, which will help us restore specific addon domains or subdomains.

If you need further assistance, please reach out to our support department.

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