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How to enable memcached on cPanel shared hosting at WebHostingPeople

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The support for Memcache is provided by WebHostingPeople’s cPanel shared hosting service. In order to ensure individual isolation, Memcache operates through a socket for each instance.

To enable Memcache support, you need to create a directory called “.memcache” within your home directory. For example, if your username is “username,” create the “.memcache” folder in the root directory. The complete path for this directory will be /home/username/.memcache.

Within 5 minutes, the socket will be automatically generated at /home/username/.memcache/memcached.sock.

You can use this socket location with applications that support Memcache as the location for the Memcache socket.

Additionally, Memcache must be enabled in PHP. To do this, go to cPanel -> Select PHP version -> choose a non-native PHP version and enable the Memcache module.

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