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Mail Delivery Reports in WHM

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Mail Delivery Reports in WHM

If you are a web server administrator or you run a hosting, it is important that you should know about the email traffic on your website. Now a day, spamming is one of the common issues in the web hosting. If you don’t control the email traffic on your web server, your server may become a source of spamming.

Once a server is identified as a spam source, the server IP address will be blacklisted in RBLs like Barracuda, Protected Sky, etc. RBLs are the agencies that look emails for spamming and if they identify the spam sources, the will list the source IP address on their block list. It will result in losing email reputation over the web. If your server IP address doesn’t have good email reputation, it will affect the email sending for the same server. If your server is listed in RBLs, the emails sent will be marked as spam and they will be going to the spam folder of the recipient. sometimes, you won’t be able to send emails and they will be bounced back. You could de-list the IP address if it is listed in an RBL. Some of the RBLs provide a few free de-listing attempts but after that, they may ask fees to de-list.

To avoid these problems, you need to check your email traffic to make sure there is no spamming from your server. You could also search sent/received emails on the server. It is easy to manage the email traffic from WHM. WHM offers an interface that we can easily use to view and search the emails. You can search based on sender, recipient, time interval, etc.

In this documentation, we are going to see how to use the mail delivery reports from WHM.

1) Login to The WHM.

You could log in to the WHM using a web browser. You need to enter the IP address or hostname of the server followed by a colon and port number such as http://hostname:2086. If you need to access the WHM secured URL, you need to enter the below in the address bar of the web browser. https://hostname:2087. The difference here is the port number. Please note, you need to access the WHM, cPanel or Webmail accounts via SSL connection (Secured connection) to enable external authentication.

 2) Go to Email >> Mail Delivery Reports.

After logged in, please click on the button “Email”. Then you will be lead to next page. You could see available options to manage emails there. You need to click on the Mail Delivery Reports button as shown in the screenshot below.

Mail Delivery Reports


3) Search for The Emails.

Now you will be redirected to the next page where you can search for sent emails and received emails from your server. You could specify the time periods when searching emails so that you can filter them at the specified time. You could refer the below screenshots for any clarifications.

Mail Delivery Reports

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